Wazifa for bandish Marriage

Wazifa for bandish Marriage ,  “Bandish is also called black magic or bad eye sight on any one whose are jealous form you and want to harm you because you will not fulfill the man or women desire which they want now they want to destroy your life.in some cases your ex-lover do bandish on male or female to allow you to get marry. Some of your competitor in wealth do it to stop your business. Politician also do it to win in election and beat you while other do it for popularity and lay down your status in society.Many of Black magician do this for to full their pocket but they don’t know other emotions and they can easily destroy others life.But every bad thing has a good poll With the help of Quranic wazaif let break the magic and feel your life easy i am going to give you a gift of quranic wazifa to break and safe form these thing which are

This Wazifa is for Bandish specially for those who affected by Enchanter whose closed them.Recite the wazifa below after Morning Prayer first of all Read 7 Times Darood Sharif Then 1 Time Surah-e-Muzamil 4 Qul 3 times and then Recite 11 Ayat ul Kursi and blow it on water after that give these water for drink to affected person he/she at last of Amal Read 7 times Darood Sharif.
Keep remind me in your prayers.

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