Wazifa For husband and wife love

Wazifa For husband and wife love , ” The relation of Husband and wife want extra care because it is very strong and also sensitive relation.Keep in mind that give most respect to each other don’t quarrel with each other if husband or wife don’t give attention,time then take extra care and love because love is most powerful emotion in the universe.Here is the powerful Wazifa For husband and wife love .

If your husband or wife behavior is not nice with you. They don’t love you or they don’t look after you or don’t give you money and are always fighting with you please do this wazifa
Recite Ya Wadudo 1000 times after every salah.Also Read surah e Naas 11 times Recite Darood sharif before and after wazifa 11 times blow the it on water or sweet and give them to drink or eat by the grace and mercy of Almighty Allah  within one week you will see the change in your husband or wife behavior .
The Minimum Period for this wazifa is 21 day and if you are not succeed the continue this wazifa but within mention period you will be get result.

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